Sorry I haven’t updated much, guys

I’m getting ready to go back to school this week, so I’ve been preparing/packing/lazying around the last bit of my summer.

I’m gonna try to get back and fill the queue again sometime this weekend or next week. So much to do right now!

Anyway, love you guys and your love of gif stories! Thanks for the support!

And see you soon! :D

Part time job in a vet hospital


Ok so me and my friend went to work very thursday on the vet hospital of the university, at first the idea sound like:

But when it was the time, we were kind of nervous so we look at each other, and like ”well lets gooo???”

So we go, and ok i check this cute guy, and no one explain shit for us, or say something for us to do, so half of the day we were like:

Ok things start to get moving, i need to grab this dog, who has all this injuries that could benn infectious, ok i went like a boss:

But in my head i was like:

Everything going well till by mistake i touch the injurie…..with my chin! then i was:

and in my head:

So after the procedure i just washed my whole face with alcohool, then my friend say to me that the cute guy that i saw earlier was checking me out so i was all like:

So everytime he shows up i was:

And sometime he check back, but we didn’t even talk, so now im waiting for this thursday, when im going to try put up my looks so maybe he see something like this:

Even that probably i will be something like this:

You have haters on your JUNK! I personally love and enjoy the gifs. They make me laugh :) Keep doing yo thannnng!

Thanks for that! Glad you enjoy them! :D

When you’re taking a test and you realize you have no idea how to do the problems


First you’re just like:

Then, as it sinks in that you cannot pass this test:

And then you just cease to care:

But then you turn in the test and realize you’re gonna fail so bad:

That awkward moment when…


Someone reblogs a photo of Matilda:

And then I’m all “Yay you know what Matilda is!”

Then I say something dumb like:
They look at me like I’m crazy:

Then I say, “Wait… you have seen Matilda, right?”

And when they say “Uhm… No?” I feel kind of like
And deep down I feel like doing this

But instead I realize that it’s probably their parents fault 

So instead I just threaten them to watch it with me

And then I’m all “Good it’s a date!”

And then they still just lookin’ at me like

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Also, my father signed up for Tumblr.


Normal reaction by child:

My reaction:

In fact, I told him to sign up. And despite because of all the weird shit I’ve shown him from this site, he agreed.

Because I’m that awesome.

He just looked at all this Tumblr nonsense like

Because my dad and I are like this


My day today, in gifs


So I’m sleeping this morning, all happy and such

And my cell phone rings, it’s my work. ITS 7:15 AM AND THEY ARE CALLING ME ON MY DAY OFF.

In my half-sleep state, I ignored the call, and went back to sleep.
An hour later, they call again

I listen to the voicemail they left me, and my boss is like “HEY Katie, Kristin called in today, can you come in to work right now and work until close?”

So I just turn over. This is where it gets interesting.  I had a dream that I called them back, and told them that I couldn’t come in. It was very vivid, so I thought I actually did it.  So I’m still sleeping, and they call AGAIN at 10:15. I answer very angrily. My boss is like “Hey, are you going to come into work?”

I thought I had already told them. So I was irritated. Then I found out that I had dreamed that I called them back, so I felt bad for being a bit irritable.

So then, I proceeded to have a social life for the rest of the day! No tumblr! D:

I went and hung out with my boyfriend, then one of my best friends from college. Then I went swimming with some high school friends.

And now I’m back at home, TUMBLIN. Because I love you people

Admit it. This is you when you’re Facebook stalking someone you don’t like.


When you find out their photos aren’t on private

When you see photos they look stupid in

What their photos look like to you

When you see photos they look good in

When you see your crush in a photo with them

Seeing that your crush posted on their wall

When you finally conclude that they’re still not as awesome as you

What you expect them to see if they Facebook stalk you

Admit it yet?

when people from church come to the door and ask…..


hello are you or would you like to learn about Jehovah’s witness:

and you reply with a polite “No I’m atheist” and close the door:

then thinking I’m really a christian/catholic i just didn’t want to listen to you at the moment:

The past hour and a half…


So I’m getting ready for school and looking up the bus schedule because, personally, I’m like pumped to just finish this shit and get on with my life

But while I’m attempting to find the gorram bus schedule all these ads pop up and start slowing down my old as dirt computer. I usually begin like

And then, depending on what kind of day I’m having, my reactions after that could really be anyone of these:

Today has been okay, and I just had my coffee, so my reaction went a little like this:

Then the ads clear up so I’m all like:

But then, oh THEN, the site is like “fsdklfjdfklsdjfks I’M AN ASS!” and closes itself

What happened next was something like:

Then I stormed out of my room and lay on the ground with my dogs (I do that when I’m upset, okay?)

That awkward moment when someone slaps you and you react 2 seconds later.



I’m going about my merry way when I hear something like “Ay girl….”

I turn around and there is a group of guys staring at me

I just go on walking looking angry,

to see if they get the picture but they go on creepin’.

What I really want to say is,

and in my mind, I’m like,

but in the end, I just walk a little faster

until I get home (or to my car) and am safe from harm.

JEALOUSY - it’s simply everywhere


When your best friend becomes close with another person:

When your parents get along with someone at your age and ignore you:

When your crush is taken:


That one dude at your work who is like:


And you’re still like:

love life at school


the first time you saw him/her

then wild imaginations start taking over your head

you put all of your courage to introduce yourself to him/her

looking silly, he/she, instead, gives you these looks

silly me!